Why We Recommend a Blended Video Content Strategy

You need to establish trust and create comfort in order to earn more relationships and win more retirement plan business. That’s why video can be such a powerful differentiator. Great video informs, educates, and conveys emotion in a way words on a page can’t.

It would be ideal to produce studio-quality original videos that speak to your firm’s purpose and augment this with more original video on many retirement plan topics, but for most firms, this approach just doesn’t make budget sense. That’s why we recommend a blended video content strategy.

A Blended Video Content Strategy

  • Gives you more coverage on essential topics
  • Helps you jumpstart marketing campaigns with more fuel
  • Preserves budget for original studio videos that differentiate you

Why Original Video

  • Only you can speak to your purpose, passion, and process.
  • Original video tells prospects why you are a “go-to” expert partner and how to use your knowledge and experience to help them reach their goals.
  • These are core, evergreen assets on your website.

Why White Label Video

  • Retirement plan topics are essential content for marketing but it’s expensive to produce many original titles.
  • Nobody owns these topics. You can google 401(k), safe harbor, cash balance and DB plans, autoenrollment and more.
  • The key is to elevate and simplify while suggesting a conversation with you.