Your Digital Presence during COVID

Your digital presence has always been important, but during these times of uncertainty with millions of Americans forced to stay at home, it’s even more so. Your website is a 24/7 billboard for your business.
But now, it may also be the only way for current and potential new clients to visit, engage, and learn more about your service offerings. With unprecedented market volatility, clients are looking online for reassurance from their service providers and businesses can’t afford to miss the moment. So what can you do?

Issue a direct statement:

Confront the changes the COVID-19 crisis is having on your business directly. People are aware, and understand, that COVID-19 is having an impact on everyone’s day-to-day operations. Assure your clients how your business is responding to be able to continue to satisfy their needs.


One way is to add a banner at the top of your website that announces your updated operations and what clients can expect to see from you during the coming weeks. Be direct and don’t shy away from details such as if you’re working from home, or have updated hours. GSM can help you add one to your website (for free!). See examples and request yours here.


Reach Out:

Americans have never experienced such mass closures in our lifetimes. Some clients may be nervous, considering taking withdrawals from their accounts, or generally concerned with what this means for their retirement and future financial plans. Reach out proactively and assure them you are here to help and answer questions. Clients are looking for an expert guide – and that should be you.


Send direct, short, to-the-point email messages that address frequently asked questions or relevant topics you want to tackle head on. Don’t get too deep into the weeds. Clarify and simplify each message by dealing with only one topic at a time. Establish a consistency your clients can expect in their inbox. They will appreciate seeing your name and firm on a regular frequency and you’ll be top of mind when they need to talk or refer their friends to a trusted professional.


Leverage Social Media:

No matter what level of social-distancing your state is in, whether that be self-quarantine or state-mandated, clients’ and prospects’ online screen time has increased exponentially. And the majority of that time is being spent on social media. Show folks how you’re able to help during the COVID-19 crisis.


Utilize the extra time you’re saving on your daily commute by getting active on social media. Publish that LinkedIn article you’ve been thinking about writing, comment and share articles relevant to your practice, and flex your expert industry knowledge to an ever growing audience. Engage with current and potential clients either one-on-one or in LinkedIn groups to reiterate confidence your business will not only weather this storm, but is also nimble enough to navigate the changing tides. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple post or comment and how important it is to remain active. 

As with all times of volatility, this too shall pass, but don’t let your business fall behind. With these easy steps, you can create comfort and reaffirm why you are your clients’ expert, go-to partner.

If you have any questions about the tips presented here or would like help enhancing your digital presence, talk to us! We’re here to help you stand up and stand out.