It’s about time you had video content worthy of your brand.

Brand-worthy video to power your pipeline and client engagement.

People would rather watch than read.

You have important information to share with clients, partners, and prospects. Share it with video. Stand Out Studio is a great way to communicate your expertise, your value, your personality. Stand Out Studio makes this achievable and affordable, while comfortably making you brand ambassador.

Why Stand Out Studio?

  1. We’ve got you every step of the way. From script to social posting.
  2. We speak financial technology, retirement, and wealth. And we’re easy to work with.
  3. You get a dedicated coach/director and a production team to capture great ideas and deliver brand-worthy video you can actually feel good about using on your website, email campaigns, social media.

Best Uses

Company overviews

Thought leadership

End user education & training

Communicate your differentiation

Individual team stories & bios

Interview & panel discussion

Have multiple leaders to showcase? In multiple locations?

No problem. Stand Out Studio means great video experiences no matter where you are.

An easy, repeatable process

  1. We host 30- to 60-minute sessions via an easy-to-use browser-based capture platform that connects to your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
  2. We optimize lighting, audio, green screen, and talent positioning.
  3. We coach and direct multiple takes to record a group of 30 second to 2 minute videos.
  4. We produce professional, branded finished videos for your campaign and website.
  5. We host the videos for easy streaming and playback and provide embed links.
  6. We provide email teaser copy and social cards for each video.

Gear & Setup

Studio Gear Package

~$950 per location

This includes:
  • HD webcam
  • Tripod
  • Key and fill light kit
  • Green screen and light kit

Custom Setup and Branding

$995 ($400 for each additional studio setup)

This includes:
  • 60-minute consult on studio setup
  • Individual speaker coaching
  • Custom branding

Studio Subscriptions

Included Videos


3 videos per month

Excellent for web intros, value propositions, social media, and Q&A series

This includes…

  • Short format videos (1-2 minutes)
  • 1 hour of directing
  • One studio location

minimum of 3 months

6* videos per month

Excellent for any of the above, plus long format podcasts, interviews, or web panels

This includes…

  • Short or long format videos
  • 3 hours of directing
  • Up to 3 studio locations

*The exact monthly video count may be variable based on the scope of your needs between long- and short-format production.


minimum of 3 months


Need more flexibility or production coverage? Let’s discuss your unique situation and needs!

Looking to produce a single project? See examples of how we can help you with custom video services.

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