Plan to Get There

Your own video channel to engage retirement plan participants
Consumer-Facing Video Series

An employee video series for “today,” customized to your branding

Quick Duration

24 1-2 minute episodes on essential topics

Employee Marketing

An instant video channel for your retirement plan website

Plan To Get There is a series of 24 white label videos that quickly cover topics that matter to every employee with the opportunity to save in a workplace 401(k) plan, starting with “Why Participate,” which introduces the series’ four presenters.

Plan To Get There makes retirement plan basics, investing concepts, and financial wellness topics easy to understand.

What’s Included?

What Does It Cost?

What’s Included?

You get the entire video library, including:

  • A custom-branded title intro, background color, and your logo. What’s this?
  • Embed codes to display your customized videos on your website.
  • Video hosting and streaming service so you don’t have to sweat the details.
  • Email messages to turn the video content into your own campaign.

What Does It Cost?

A Plan to Get There subscription is a very cost-effective way to deliver outstanding, custom-branded content.

  • $1,495 one-time custom-branding fee
  • $595 per month subscription fee (up to 50,000 participants)
    Serving more than 50,000 participants? Contact us for pricing.

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