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It’s the law.

It’s good business.

It’s the right thing to do.

Every day we do small but important things to help people around us get up the stairs, get in the building to work, shop, access information, participate—like everyone else. They’re our friends, our neighbors, our customers, our family. Your website needs to do the same thing.

We can help.

When you subscribe for only $490 a year, GSM will help you install an automated accessibility solution for your website developed and hosted by accessiBe, a leader in accessibility compliance technologies.

What Web Accessibility Means

Millions of people have difficulty seeing, hearing, or experiencing digital information. Accessibility means helping them navigate your website and get the information they need.

Screenshot of the accessiBe tool interface: profiles for epilepsy, blindness, ADHD, and other conditions
Screenshot of the accessiBe tool interface: color adjustments
Screenshot of the accessiBe tool interface: text adjustments

For example, some people aren’t able to use a mouse—they need to get around your site with a keyboard. Some people need fewer colors, less contrast, bigger fonts, or to turn off animations or movement. Some people use assistive technologies that allow them to participate if your website knows how to talk to their technology.

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Why Accessibility Is Important to Your Business

Accessibility is the law. But, more importantly, making information accessible to everyone is good business. Even more important than that, it’s the right thing to do.

If you think about it, websites should have always been built to do this. But, until recently, the work involved was difficult, manually intensive, and expensive. Now it’s not. Technologies like the one you see on this website make it easy and inexpensive to provide a better user experience for everyone who visits your site.

8 Things You Should Know About Accessibility

GSM President Alan Gross sat down with Rafi Glantz of accessiBe to talk about critical web accessibility issues facing businesses today:

  • The rationale to making sites more accessible
  • How AI-driven technology solves compliance challenges
  • What’s driving accessibility law suits
  • How accessiBe creates unique visitor experiences

Three Easy Steps to Implement Your Accessibility Solution

  1. Sign up here
  2. Add a simple line of code to your website
  3. Your website presents assistive choices to visitors

And we’ll customize it for free.

Choose your accessibility icon, placement on your page, and a color scheme to match your brand experience.

Features At a Glance

Screen reader and keyboard navigation adjustments

Interface-powered UI and design adjustments

Automatic, daily monitoring and scans for changes to your website

Automatic seamless cloud updates

 Compliance at a glance 1

Compliant with WCAG, ADA, EAA, and more

Accessibility statement and certification

Monthly accessibility compliance audits

1 — Statements and certification of website compliance are produced, delivered, and represented by accessiBe.

Questions You May Have

How often is my site updated?

The technology re-scans and updates your website every 24 hours. Rest easy that your latest posts and web edits will be included.

Does this change how my site is presented?

Everyday visitors will continue to experience the site as they have. Visitors who engage the accessibility menu will be able to navigate and adjust features in their unique view.

How does it work?

The accessibility interface lets users make content adjustments, color and display adjustments and control navigation. The application’s AI-powered processes address the complex requirements of screen readers and keyboard navigation.

Do I need to re-code my website?

No. You simply have to be able to insert a small snippet of code to connect to the technology. It then analyzes your site and makes it accessible to those who need assistance.

What happens if I build a new website later?

Your subscription is to your URL. If you change one page or every page, the experience will be updated automatically. If you do build a new site, we’ll help you make sure that the code plug-in is customized for your new theme.

What happens when I add content like new posts to my website?

Your website is automatically scanned every 24 hours to pick up any changes you make to your website.

Does it also make PDFs and videos accessible?

At this time, this technology unfortunately does not handle PDF accessibility, video captioning, or audio descriptions for videos.

What does the subscription include?

Your subscription includes an accessibility Statement & Certification from Accessibe, LTD. You’ll get an initial certification within days of your subscription start. You’ll also receive monthly accessibility compliance audits of your website.

How much is the annual subscription?
The annual subscription for websites up to 1,000 pages is only $500. Larger sites are a little more.
Why should we have GSM Marketing help us add accessibility?
GSM Marketing is committed to helping clients make their websites stand up, stand out, and most importantly, be accessible to all who need them. When you subscribe to Accessibe’s service with us, we’ll make sure it’s easy for you to implement this solution.

See it in action!

Try it right now. Click the accessibility icon in the bottom right corner of this webpage.

It’s easy to implement now. Be part of the solution. Be accessible.

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Accessibility technologies are offered and supported by Accessibe LTD who is responsible for its performance, statements of compliance and support. GSM Marketing LLC is a full-service marketing team and affiliate marketing partner of accessiBe.