Employer Connect Videos

Get their attention with branded, short video messages that start conversations.

Employer Connect is a custom-branded video library that you can use to elevate your web presence while informing clients and prospects about topics that are core to how you deliver value.

Every short episode introduces an important idea and suggests a chat with you to learn more. And we make them seamless assets for your website, email and social campaigns by customizing each one to reflect your brand colors and logo.

Employer Connect Video Library

Employer Connect is a series of 15 videos on topics every plan sponsor needs to know. Take advantage of our ridiculously attractive subscription offer now and, with the budget you’ll save, we can help you produce expert videos on topics that answer “why you.Make contact now to learn how we can help.


Episode 1:
Aligning Plan Design with Your Goals

Episode 2:
Advantages of an Unbundled Retirement Plan Solution

Episode 3:
Understanding Financial Statement Audits


Episode 4:
Maximizing a Business Owner’s Retirement Benefit


Episode 5:
Understanding How Forfeitures Work in Your Retirement Plan


Episode 6:
The Loan They Never Take May Make All the Difference


Episode 7:
Plan Fiduciary Services and Why They Matter


Episode 8:
Did You Know You Are a Fiduciary?


Episode 9:
When to Set Sail with Safe Harbor


Episode 10:
Cash Balance Plans Allow Six Figure Annual Contributions


Episode 11:
Defined Benefit Plans are Alive and Well


Episode 12:
Financial Wellness Is Essential to Saving for Retirement


Episode 13:
To Roth or Not to Roth


Episode 14:
Understanding Why a QDIA Matters


Episode 15:
Auto-Enrollment and Auto-Escalation

What’s Included?

You get the entire 15-video library, including:


  • A custom-branded title intro, background color, and your logo. What’s this?
  • A custom-branded, downloadable Action Doc that accompanies each video.
  • Provided embed codes enable your customized videos to be viewed on your website.
  • HTML script for each video allows you to add a text version on your website to enhance SEO.
  • Video hosting and streaming service so you don’t have to sweat the details.
  • Email message templates to drop into your own campaign.

What Does It Cost?

An Employer Connect Subscription is a very cost-effective way to deliver outstanding, custom-branded content.


  • $500 one-time custom-branding fee
  • $300 per month subscription fee

We Make It Actionable

Glossaries tell you what things mean. Employer Connect Videos tell your clients why each topic matters and what it means – to them. And we’ve made it easy to incorporate them as essential components of your educational and brand outreach.

  • Place the videos on your website as a resource.
  • Promote the videos on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Use the videos as content in a (monthly) email campaign where emails link to featured video on your website.

Do you have questions, or wish to learn more about Employer Connect?

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