Utilizing data for over 1.8 billion opens from campaigns sent in 2013, Campaign Monitor showed that mobile devices are the most popular environment for a subscriber’s first interaction with an email.


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The shift towards mobile has also been rapid. From 2011 to 2013, email opens on mobile phones devices increased by 30%. 87% of clicks will happen when a reader opens an email for the first time.

Since initial opens are increasingly happening on mobile devices, it is more common for a click to occur on a mobile device than it is on a web or desktop client. In fact, today one-out-of-every-three clicks occur on a mobile device.


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  • Opening email on mobile devices is more common than opening in desktop or webmail clients. 41% of opens now happen on mobile devices. As a result, your email creatives need to be built with mobile in mind.
  • Readers are less likely to click through from mobile devices. 87% of clicks will happen when a reader opens an email for the first time, but only 78% of clicks on mobile devices happen on the first open. Emails need to be eye-catching, get right to the point and also be easy-to-use on a mobile device.
  • If a mobile reader opens an email again from a different device, more clicks happen. Mobile readers who open emails a second time from their computer are 65% more likely to click through. This means you can’t disregard usability on desktop systems with your emails.

*Source Campaign Monitor