Advisor2X Logo

When Rekon Intelligence rebranded their Advisor-focused event platform to Advisor2X, they teamed up with GSM to craft their new logo. The Advisor2X team wanted to embrace a luxe, refined, aspirational identity.

GSM captured that attitude using sharp geometry, fine line work and typography, and abstract visual expression. Our final result is a glyph which alludes to the crystal structures core to their web design and the symbolism of their visual identity, which is simultaneously built out of two capital A’s to honor the “doubling” they do for advisors.

Logo Design Process

Round 1

Proposing a range of initial ideas

Advisor2X logo design round 1: 9 original logo concepts proposed to the client

Round 2

Narrowing down favorites, exploring details

Advisor2X logo design project round 2: 8 new logos created based on the client's favorite ideas from round 1

Final Logo Design

The final logo design selected for the Advisor2X brand