Please Note: ABG of Michigan is now part of EPIC Retirement Plan Services and no longer uses the ABGMI brand. These archived brand assets are displayed here only for the purposes of this portfolio.

ABGMI Visual Identity

ABGMI is a Michigan-based regional service office of one of the largest retirement plan administration organizations in the United States. They say they’re big enough to handle complexity, but small enough to manage the minor details, and we help them show up as a trustworthy national brand every day.

When ABGMI teamed up with GSM, they felt that their brand and look at the time felt dated and stale; they asked us to help develop a visual identity that made them look stronger and more contemporary, but without losing that classic formality for which they were recognized. We accomplished this by simplifying what they already had down to what was essential to their identity, and then cementing it with a range of crisp defining motifs.

We updated every element of ABG MI’s brand image including business cards, envelopes, letterheads, brochures, custom reports, and any medium that would demonstrate their professionalism in the retirement industry.


Branding Motifs & Identity, Logo, Stationery & Business cards, Flyers, Proposals & Brochures, Website Development, Custom Video 

  color + fonts

Playfair Display
Open Sans Light
Playfair Display Bold Italic
ABGMI brand color palette


ABG of Michigan logo set, including official full color, binary color, tagline, and icon versions


ABGMI brand imagery

  icon style

ABGMI custom icon style

  corporate stationery

ABG of Michigan brand stationery set


10 different print marketing pages designed for ABG of Michigan, all laid out neatly on a table
ABGMI brochure laid open on a table
ABGMI pocket folder
ABGMI plan report template design

  custom video

Screen captures from ABGMI custom video production projects

  presentation deck

10 slides from ABGMI's custom PowerPoint deck

  website design

ABG of Michigan website displayed across several devices of different sizes
ABGMI web design displayed across four devices of varying sizes

  child brand: fly!

fly! logo mounted on a wall sign in an office

We built ABGMI’s financial wellness brand, fly!, to be all at once distinct from and harmonious with ABGMI’s visual brand. fly! stands apart as a more aspirational, energized, participant-targetted concept, but does so while using a color palette and style that marries easily to the more institutional, buttoned-up style that is ABGMI.