ABC Logo

Advanced Benefits Consulting worked with GSM to create a logo update that would capture ABC’s classically professional and trustworthy business disposition and serve them effectively as a signature in all of the varied applications they foresee.

We helped them overcome past challenges with logo details like text legibility and color matching, creating a memorable design that can transition well across media up to and including brand merchandise.

ABC logo set displaying the primary logo, a stacked alternate layout, a white or black binary color version, and the ABC lettermark
Before-and-after display of ABC's logo re-design

Logo Design Process

Round 1

Proposing a range of initial ideas

Round 1 of the ABC logo design process; our first round of concepts presented for the project, demonstrating a breadth of options

Round 2

Narrowing down favorites, exploring details

Round 2 of the logo design project; narrowing down the details to get closer to a final logo choice

Final Logo Design

The final ABC logo, chosen by the client