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ABC Visual Identity

Working with Advanced Benefits Consulting, GSM set out to create an identity that communicated three key ideas.

  1. Confident professionalism: by conveying classic feelings of trustworthiness and traditional business excellence, we create ease and comfort for clients and partners.
  2. Contemporary elegance: as business partners, ABC’s professional style omits distractions, frills, or busy messes, so their current and smart aesthetic presents the same feeling.
  3. Decisiveness and knowledgeable action: viewers should understand intuitively that ABC is a deliberate, strategic, and smart partner who provides active, engaged service.

Services Provided:

Branding Motifs & Identity, Logo Redesign, Website Development, Business Cards & Stationery

  color + fonts

Raleway Semibold Italic
Raleway Light


ABC Color Palette


ABC logo set displaying the primary logo, a stacked alternate layout, a white or black binary color version, and the ABC lettermark


Autire image style

  Icon Style

  corporate stationery

ABC Letterhead
ABC Business Cards

  web design

ABC web design displayed on a desktop computer and smartphone
ABC web design displayed on a smartphone and laptop computer