Gross Strategic Marketing announced today the launch of its new website which offers quick and easy access to information on the company’s array of programs, consulting and services for the retirement plan industry. The site features an entirely new look and provides information on how the company uniquely addresses the marketing needs of recordkeepers, plan consultants, third party administrators, advisors, investment managers, and others who provide products and services to this niche. Since its inception, GSM has helped its clients express their stature and success in the retirement plan industry by enhancing their web presence and communication programs. “We regularly counsel our clients that their website is a 24/7 billboard and it's either an asset or a liability. There's no in between.” said Alan Gross, President and Chief Executive Officer of GSM. He added, “We’ve designed our website to be an asset rich source of value added insight to clients, partners, and prospects.” In addition to information on GSM’s programs and services, the new site provides recordkeepers, plan consultants, third party administrators, advisors, and investment managers with practical insights on communications, events, social media, PR, and digital strategies.