Amplify Your Presence on LinkedIn

Having a LinkedIn profile is one thing, having it work for you is another. Put your profile to work and boost your presence on LinkedIn with these easy actions. Get discovered and demonstrate your industry expertise to new and existing connections to grow your business from your desk.

Participate in Groups.

Actively participate in groups relevant to your industry, location and job title to expand your network. Don’t focus on selling your company or services but instead, sell your expertise via valuable content and expert thought. Connections made in groups can be helpful resources as they are more likely to share your content with their connections, boosting your profile’s visibility.

Update Your Profile.

Periodically update your profile to stay in front of your network. With each update LinkedIn will send your connections an alert putting you at the top of their notifications. If you have recently changed roles or your company has updated its branding, use this opportunity to update your profile and be seen.

Find ways to highlight your expertise and interests with valuable content.

Use Keywords with Purpose.

What you say in your professional headline and summary can make a difference in the amount of searches your profile appears in. Use relevant keywords to amplify your presence in search results and get discovered by new connections.

Publish Posts.

LinkedIn posts are a great way to grow your influence, gain more visibility and acquire new connections. Keep your audience in mind when posting and find ways to highlight your expertise and interests with valuable content. Each new published post will appear in your connections daily feed and increase the likelihood of your profile being seen by others searching for information about the topic.