Please Note: Summit Benefit Solutions revised their brand when they merged with July Business Services; Summit’s brand colors changed to reflect that partnership. Previous brand design styles produced by GSM are reflected here only for the purposes of this portfolio.

Summit Benefit Solutions Visual Identity

Summit Benefit Solutions sought to elevate their marketing presence to better reflect their national footprint as a retirement plan recordkeeper. GSM rebuilt their brand from the ground up, starting with a redesign of their logo and running through the entire library of their brand assets from there.

We chose a flavorful color palette that was modern and flavorful—spinning the blues and greens so common in the industry toward a fresh, bright lime and a glossy indigo gradient—and matched that palette with sharp-edged, geometric typography that captures the modern style Summit wanted to embrace.

Postivity became a defining theme throughout Summit’s style, whether that meant epic aspirational messaging or scenes that were cozy, heart-warming, and personable. This was underscored first by the bright colors in their palette, then by the use of active photography alongside breathtaking landscapes, and lastly grounded along sharp angles that dart with confidence around the brand’s layout.

Services Provided:

Branding & Identity, Logo Design, Custom Corporate Stationery, Pocket Folder Design, Flyer Design, Business Proposal Template, Custom Presentation Deck, Event Assets, Web Development

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