Statherós Logo

When Statherós Financial Solutions first connected with GSM, they had a logo design that captured a wealth of interesting symbolism core to their mission and brand identity, but which was not ultimately representing them in a light that was compelling or effective for their business.

GSM set out to take the symbolism of their original logo and re-imagine those same ideas with the professionalism, subtle elegance, and simplicity they desired.

Their new logo showcases a quiet homage to the upward slope of retirement savings, followed by the steady, reliable support of a successful savings outcome as savers soar forward into their retirement. It also features a tiny, affectionate nod to the history Statherós’s  leadership shares with Navy jet flight, as the shape of the small icon launching forward is inspired by the tail stabilizers of an F-18 jet.

Before-and-after Statheros logo design