SI Group Visual Identity

SI Group Hawaii is a team of modest, personable, and dutiful professionals who strive to give their clients and partners a pleasant, breezy, and confident experience. When they teamed up with GSM for a brand identity project, they hoped to capture that easy-going, secure, happy feeling in a way that still conveyed the sense of proactive professionalism SI Group promises.

That message starts out with their logo, which depicts a dual image: a sail filled with wind, and a carefully-arranged tangram puzzle. In this way, SI Group blends both analytical and creative aspects of their craft; they recognize the importance of careful planning and strategic thinking while at the same time they value the need to fulfill the flexible and evolving needs of their clients.

This breezy and personable feeling is further cemented by their color palette and imagery, which embrace the company’s Hawaiian heritage in gorgeous tropical tones and sweeping, heart-fluttering coastal scenes.

Services Provided:

Branding & Identity, Logo Design, Pocket Folder Design, Brochure Design, Custom Presentation Template Design, Web Development

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