RSI logo

RSI Visual Identity

Retirement Strategies Incorporated underwent an extensive visual rebranding project with GSM. Our team developed a new logomark design for RSI and, once that keystone element was established, we replicated RSI’s defining themes and aesthetic elements into an entire visual story across web, email, digital, and print assets.

Their photographic imagery is defined by warm browns and neutrals that depict productive corporate office culture and their decorative motifs see pops of bright, energetic, fresh greens that wind around each layout and lead viewers through RSI’s message.

Services Provided:

Branding Motifs & Identity, Logo, Business Cards, Stationery, Flyers, Proposals and Brochures, Presentation, Trade Show Assets, Website Development,  Email Templates


RSI full color and all-white alternate company logo

  color + fonts

Lato Bold
PT Sans
RSI brand color palette


RSI Image Treatments


RSI icon style

  corporate stationery

Set of RSI branded stationery laid out together as a unified set

  print marketing

RSI Brochure laying open on a table
RSI brochure laying open on a table

  email template

RSI custom email campaign designs


8 custom PowerPoint slide designs for RSI

  web design

RSI website displayed across several devices of varying screen sizes