Red Bank Pension Services Logo

Red Bank Pension Services needed a logo to represent their brand in their professional niche.

GSM drew inspiration from the iconic historical architecture in Red Bank, New Jersey to craft a classical, refined, and institutional visual identity. Their graphic element is paired carefully alongside beautifully subtle ornamentation, luxuriant serif typography, and a sapphire-and-brass color palette.

Red Bank Pension Services before-and-after logo redesign

Logo Design Process

Round 1

Proposing a range of initial ideas

Set of 6 different logo ideas proposed to the client in the first round of the design project

Round 2

Narrowing down favorites, exploring details

Set of 6 different logo ideas (these more homogenous than the first set) proposed to the client in the second round of this project

Round 3

Finessing the last elements and resolving a final design

Three very similar logos produced for Red Bank Pension as they resolved closer to their final decision in Round Three

Final Logo Design

Final, approved Red Bank Pension Services logo design