PERA Appointments Website

After we completed a full website re-design for PERA Administrators, their sister company PERA Appointments, approached us needing our design expertise to take their business to the next level. They enlisted the help of GSM to fulfill the need for a new logo as well as a full website design.

With the new site design, the emphasis visually, and through authored content, was to showcase the primary focus of PERA Appointments. This focus being the facilitating of relationships between the participant, plan sponsor, and financial professional. We accomplished this visually by curating meeting focused imagery along with participant-centric layouts. Upon our intial meeting with the client, they expressed their mission to help participants as “it’s our goal to not leave any teachers behind”. Interweaving this narrative within the custom visuals and content, allowed the companies dedication to their clients to be the forefront for the new website design.