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OakStreet Visual Identity

OakStreet Wealth Management teamed up with GSM for a little house cleaning. They had a logo concept they liked, but worked with GSM to clean up the details to ensure it made them look professionally published and detail-conscious. They didn’t have a website, which in their case is also an essential tool in presenting a polished business face to business partners.

As we worked to build OakStreet’s visual style, we aspired to capture viewers with beautiful scenery that reinforces their business’s uniquely peaceful demeanor. The prominent use of serene forest landscapes also functions as a metaphor for their posture toward growth, stability, and longevity.

All of this is supported by a color palette of earthy greens, soft blues, and cool greys that pair with classically formal roman serif typography.

Services Provided:

Logo Design, Branding & Identity, Web Development

  color + fonts

Libre Franklin
OakStreet color palette


Oakstreet logo set, including full color and binary color versions

Please note: while GSM did apply a modest update to the quality and technical execution of OakStreet’s logo, we are not responsible for the original concept and do not claim credit for this work. It is included here purely for purposes of demonstration, as it is an essential piece of OakStreet’s visual identity.

Large OakStreet logo decal displayed on a white office wall as statement art


OakStreet brand imagery

  icon style

Oakstreet brand icon style

  website design

Oakstreet Wealth Management website displayed across three devices