KTrade logo

KTrade Visual Identity

KTrade came to GSM with a freshly redesigned logo already in hand. They liked their contemporary, sleek new look with sharp line work and energetic colors, but realized the rest of their visual branding—online and in print—didn’t suit their new image. GSM helped unify all of their professional assets under that updated vision.

To ensure their style continued to capture the brightness they captured in their logo, one of the first things GSM did was introduce a bright orange complement into their blue and grey color palette. Used sparingly in the design, it functions as a pop of sunny citrus that draws the eye through KTrade’s messages and offers a breath of change from their sea of blue.

KTrade considers themselves cutting-edge, technically-adept retirement solution experts. This drove our decisions about imagery and textures throughout their content layouts to flavor their presence.


Branding & Identity, Web Development, Pocket Folder Design, Overview Brochure Design, Custom Video

  color + fonts

KTrade brand color palette


KTrade brand imagery style

 custom video

Multiple screen captures from custom videos produced for KTrade

  print marketing

KTrade pocket folder
KTrade overview brochure
KTrade brochure
Several stationery and web brand items laid out together on a table

  website design

KTrade logo
KTrade home page on a tablet and smartphone
Four screen captures of the KTrade website design