INTAC Visual Identity

INTAC wanted to stand out in the sea of retirement plan design companies that tend to all look the same. They were satisfied with their logo, but they didn’t want to be another retirement industry professional defined by money-green color palettes and business people shaking hands while smiling contrivedly into the camera.

With those things in mind, they teamed up with GSM to build a new visual identity that had a specific and memorable personality. We started with a deep, rich blue to set the tone for their theme and added brighter, more lively tones to accent. Dramatic sailing imagery conveyed the forward moving, positive futures they sought to offer their clients. The addition of a stylish decorative font further distinguished their identity from the crowd.

Services Provided:

Visual Motifs & Identity, Print Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Development

  color + fonts

Bebas Neue // Oswald
Open Sans Regular
La Belle Aurore


  print marketing

  email marketing

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