GoalPath Solutions Logo

GoalPath Solutions Visual Identity

GoalPath Solutions brought the established beginnings of their brand — their logo, icon style, and the beginnings of a color palette — to GSM and began a collaboration that set out to present the brand as a chic, expert techonology solution.

We fleshed-out their visual personality primarily through imagery, ornamentation, and layout. Environmental and architectural scenes evoke motion, travel, and progress while sharp, contemporary bridge architecture and beautifully efficient infrastructure fill out the spaces in compellingly dynamic ways. Meanwhile, abstract thin-line geometry and generous use of thin-line borders subtly allude to the visual patterns of circuitry and digitized networks, cementing GoalPath’s role as a technology icon subconsciously.

Services Provided:

Branding Motifs & Identity, Website Development, Presentation Master Template and Custom Builds, Webinar Event Management, Single- and Multi-Page Collateral, Email Marketing

  color + fonts

Poppins Bold
Main Headings
Poppins Semibold Caps
Main Headings
Work Sans
Main Headings
GoalPath Solutions color palette


GoalPath Solutions imagery style

  web design

GoalPath web design displayed on a large desktop computer screen
GoalPath web design displayed on mid-size laptop and smartphone screens

  Print Collateral

Booklet of GoalPath Solutions report
Several pieces of GoalPath Solutions single-page collateral laid out on a table


Six GoalPath presentation slides showcased on a desktop screen
Nine GoalPath presentation slides showcased on tablet screens

Client & Financial Wellness Branding

While most of GoalPath’s material caters to audiences in the advisor and financial industry, some of their content is instead directed toward more consumer-oriented audiences — particularly business owners and their employees. When speaking to these alternative audiences, GoalPath Solutions uses a slightly modified brand style that feels relatively lighter, more human, and more punchy, rather than leaning quite so strongly into themes of technology, industry, and innovation.

  Alternate Branding Styles

Financial Wellness Report booklet designed with branding for GoalPath Solutions' client audience
Alternate color palette for GoalPath solutions; similar to the baseline palette shown above, but with less use of dark navy blue and the introduction of more fresh greens and pure whites
Alternate color palette for GoalPath solutions; features a strong emphasis on human portraiture, with a focus on office lifestyle and energetic extracurricular interests.