Please Note: Advisor2X no longer uses this website build. This archived design is displayed here only for the purposes of our portfolio and should not be interpreted as a current-day representation of Advisor2X’s online presence.

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Advisor2X teamed up with GSM when they—at the time, Rekon Intelligence—decided they were ready to rebrand. The Advisor2X team fell in love with the metaphor crystals had for their core initiative: helping their advisor audience build a network of connections and collaborative resources that facilitate growth and excellence going forward, just like the powerful lattice that builds up crystal structures.

GSM ran with this visual metaphor, embracing a refined and luxurious aesthetic that speaks to the aspirational success Advisor2X aspires to instill in the hearts of their event attendees.

Advisor 2 X website displayed across four screens of different sizes
4600 Touchton Road East, Suite 1150
Jacksonville, FL 32246

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