Save Sooner.

Save Sooner Visual Identity

Save Sooner is a child brand of Committed to Outcomes, geared towards a younger demographic. The brand is built around driving young professionals toward the Save Sooner website, where they are be encouraged to start saving for retirement as soon as possible.

The greatest challenge for this target audience is catching—and keeping—their attention long enough for the message and gravity of the topic to land. While most young professionals expect a financial resource brand traditional and bland, we challenge that notion by utilizing a bold color palette, and custom illustrations, and interactive data. We chose the illustrated style to make the site more youthful and enjoyable for the intended consumer, ultimately serving the end goal: driving them to save for retirement sooner.

Services Provided:

Visual Motifs & Identity, Website Development, Social Media Graphics, Print Collateral

  color + fonts

Montserrat Black

Montserrat Regular

Save Sooner brand color palette

  custom illustration

Save Sooner custom vector illustration style

  custom graphs

Save Sooner custom data visualization designs

   social banners

6 Save Sooner social media marketing banners
Save Sooner brand design in use on social media


Save Sooner handout


Save Sooner web design displayed across a desktop monitor, a laptop, and a tablet
Save Sooner website displayed on a tablet
Save Sooner website displayed on a laptop
Save Sooner website displayed on a tablet