LDIntelligence & iJoin Visual Identity

When LDIntelligence first teamed up with GSM Marketing, they were already equipped with their clean, professional, and brightly colored logo design. Their logo, in turn, directly informed the vibrant color palette our team embraced for their visual style moving forward. Inspired by LDI’s bright and exciting range of color, we curated a library of imagery for their brand that leaned into their energetic vibrance while still capturing the atmospheric feelings such as aspirational adventure, relaxing leisure, and sharp, executive professionalism.

We paired those tools with rich, juicy gradients, distinctly dynamic textures, and a dash of crisp, structural geometry that nods to the grounding LDI’s iJoin has in technological innovation.

Services Provided:

Branding & Identity, Custom Business Cards, Pocket Folder Design, Print Marketing, Educational Documents, Brochure Design, Custom Presentation Decks, Event Assets, Custom Video, Email Marketing, Web Development

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Montserrat Bold
Montserrat Light

* Color palette was provided by LDIntelligence; it was not developed by GSM Marketing


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iJoin ENROLL Introduction


iJoin App Introduction


iJoin Tradeshow Looping Video

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