Hembree TPA Logo

Hembree TPA set out to bring their Southwest roots to life with the redesign of their entire brand. Our designers drew inspiration from the warm desert tones and textures of Arizona and brought them to the forefront. The subtle textile pattern that is woven into the logo icon, makes for a TPA logo unlike any other in the field.

Hembree logo set displaying the primary logo, a binary alternate color, a grayscale color version, and the Hembree icon
Before-and-after display of Hembree's logo re-design

Logo Design Process

Round 1

Proposing a range of initial ideas

Round 1 of the logo design project; exploring a range of possible ideas in black-and-white, giving the client options for the tone and direction of their logo image

Round 2

Narrowing down favorites, exploring details

Round 2 of the logo design project; narrowing down the strongest ideas and exploring variations upon them

Final Logo Design

Hembree TPA logo