Edberg Perry Visual Identity

Edberg Perry are experts at plan design and administration. Their marketing presence was not so different from many of their peers—and that was GSM’s challenge. Together, we worked to establish an engaging update that supports their relationship building business model.

A key element in Edberg Perry’s visual theme is imagery that depicts small businesses and real-looking professionals. GSM’s design brings focus onto their faces and points of human connection; a diagonal square pattern echoes the blocks in Edberg Perry’s logo, pulling those focus points forward in the eye of the viewer. This effect also creates depth in the design, pushing the background out of focus with shadows and softened color saturation. We ran further in echoing Edberg Perry’s logo by replicating green squares in buttons and sections of interest.

Also replicated throughout their visual style is the inclusion of natural landscapes and vegetation native to Edberg Perry’s Arizona home. The geometric patterns created by these organic elements give their style a distinctive visual texture while also creating a surprisingly warm and personable environment for their visitors.

Services Provided:

Branding Motifs & Identity, Brochure Design, Web Development

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