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Autire Visual Identity

We worked with PriceKubecka to build a product brand for their disruptive fintech product offering, Autire. We sought to create a visual identity that communicates Autire’s key message: with the support of this innovative technology, advisors and other retirement plan professionals can cut down the time it takes to perform an audit by incredible margins, therefore saving time and effort and focusing more on dedicated, high-quality service for clientele.

We achieved this through the use of image textures that evoke Autire’s technical foundations, and photographic imagery demonstrating the relaxed, efficient work experience won by those who support their workflows with this technology.

We did this while maintaining a white-label-esque style that leans primarily on grayscale tones accented sparingly by pop colors. This choice allows Autire to express a distinct brand identity for the sake of platform marketing, but in a way that can easily take a back seat to client brands when clients wish to license the product and use it for their own branded services without emphasizing the use of third party tools.

Services Provided:

Branding Motifs & Identity, Website Development, Presentation Master Template, Business Card & Stationery, Trade Show Assets, Email Marketing

  color + fonts

Josefin Sans


Autire color palette


Autire image style

  web design

Autire web home page displayed on a desktop computer
Autire web design displayed on a handheld tablet


Autire presentation slides displayed as a flat set
Autire presentation slides displayed as digital screens

  trade show assets

Autire trade show assets: a standing banner and backdrop

  corporate stationery

Autire business cards laid out on a gray table
Two Autire letterhead designs, one simple and one fully designed, displayed on a table
Autire letterhead design, with a cover page and internal page design, displayed on a table