Please Note: Summit Benefit Solutions revised their brand when they merged with July Business Services; Summit’s brand colors changed to reflect that partnership. Previous brand design styles produced by GSM are reflected here only for the purposes of this portfolio.

Summit Benefit Solutions Website

Rebuilding Summit’s website was a critical step in our effort to elevate their visual presence. In addition to carrying over the essential visual elements we established in their other brand projects—their redesigned logo, their bright color palette, the flashy and bold use of angles and tinted overlays—we wanted to make a strong impression from the first moment that conveyed the excited, aspirational spirit of Summit’s message.

We tackled this goal by leading with Summit’s tagline in sweeping, confident typography and illustrating the idea through dreamy, energized video. Scenes of people living in the high points of their lives are the very first thing you see when you visit Summit online. That same idea is repeated throughout the messaging and imagery used throughout the website’s design.