Driven by Passion

We can’t help it… we love what we do.

Alan Gross


Alan is a big picture dreamer and founder of our group’s vision. He loves to connect the dots between business needs and marketing strategy. That keeps him in tune.


Tom Makeever


Tom brings a natural energy to relationship building and the zen of a double diamond snow skier to our engagements and consulting. He makes sure we get things done!

Steve Emsley

Business Development Manager

Steve helps clients connect the dots between growth strategy and relationships. It’s something he’s genuinely passionate about – and it shows. When he’s not helping clients, you can bet Steve is doing something fun with his wife and three kids — his greatest joy.

Deanna Fisher

Marketing Program Manager

Deanna is our go-to expert on all things social. She’s big on experimentation and isn’t fooling around, unless there’s a puppy nearby. If that happens, all bets are off.

Paul Fennell

Graphic & Web Design Manager

Paul is that rare combination of artist and tech-head. His leadership is the reason our websites rock. When he’s not surfing the web, he’s dreaming of catching an actual wave.

Taylor Brown

Graphic & Web Designer

Taylor is our creative wellspring, usually found pouring over pixel-perfect design ideas. When not bringing art to life on screen, she brings stories to life through D&D and comic conventions.


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